Cleaning your car properly from inside and out

It is necessary to clean your car from the inside and out. Getting a regular car wash will protect your car from different elements and materials like dirt, bugs, and bird droppings. When you use your car without cleaning it for a month those materials will increase on the surface of your car. And it can damage the paint. Not only the exterior will have its regular care but also the interior of the car. To know more about keeping your car clean you need to learn tips on how to clean the exterior and interior of your car.

The exterior car wash

The seasons are changing and it is necessary to hand wash your car to clear any elements, salt, and grime. When you’re not washing your car in the correct way it can make scratches and swirl marks. Not only that, when you’re not using the right materials it can also add damage to your car’s exterior which will cost you time and money. It is advisable to clean your tires and wheels first.

Washing your car first will stay on the surface of the car while you’re cleaning the tires. While you’re cleaning the tires those water spots can generate on the place where you washed. These are not good and they will add to your work. The reason why you need to wash the tires and wheels first is because of splashes.

How to wash your tires and wheels?

Cleaning it one at a time

You only need to wash, rinse, dry and clean the next tire. This will avoid the clean tires from air-drying. You need to have one towel for drying your tires and wheels. One towel for cleaning the body of your car.

Use the correct cleaners

Using the right cleaner for your wheels is needed. When you like to save costs there are cleaners that are available in the market that are good for both tires and wheels. It can remove dirt, rust, and dust. When you see that there are many impurities that are on the surface you have to use a stronger cleaner.

Use the right brushes

Using feathered bristles on the wheels it can’t scratch its surface. For tires, you have to use a stiff brush.

Polishing your wheels

When you wax your wheels it will remove the rust, dirt, and dust. It is easier to clean as you only need a quick rinse.

The interior cleaning

The interior of the car is not being exposed to the weather. But the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats are sensitive to fading, peeling, and cracking because of the UV rays. It is necessary that you protect your car’s interior regularly. You can use different products depending on the materials of the seats.

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