Is IGCSE a Right Choice For Your Child?

Everybody wants to give their child a strong foundation so that they can head in the final years of their schooling, no matter whether following A Levels, AP, IB Diploma, or national curriculum. The IGCSE Singapore is the content-rich course made to prepare the students for improved study wherever they’re situated in this world. In this post, we will unpack what’s IGCSE, highlights of this course, and what makes it the best choice of many parents and students across the world.

What’s IGCSE?

 IGCSE is an international broad curriculum based on British curriculum as well as modified by the schools across the world that will suit their local requirements & environment. The best part about International General Certificate of Secondary Education is its uniqueness in offering a wide range of the subjects, where the schools can select and design their combination of subjects they would like to provide to the students.

Important Highlights of IGCSE Programme

The IGCSE framework is totally based on the international standards, which provide an amazing benefit to the expats who may move out to other countries and back to their home country after getting experience. Choice of subjects & elaborate content structure allows students to adapt various other courses in the schools quickly and smartly. When a student is moving away from one curriculum and educational framework to another there will be certain skill gap. But, a wide scope of the IGCSE programme allows the skill gap to stay minimum if student moves to other course.

Why is IGCSE a best choice for your child?

The IGCSE course is accessible to almost different levels of ability. Questions are differentiated in the terms of difficulty level to meet various needs of capable student and those who find the academics quite challenging. As most of the assessment happens at an end of this course, it allows the students whose local language isn’t English a little more time to understand the course of this programme before they demonstrate their learning. The IGCSE course is the best option in case you know that your child has got strengths in assimilating their knowledge & demonstrating their knowledge in the exam conditions.

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