History of the best FPS game ever created

Counter strike is one of the games that most players have tried once. Most players have a story about how they excelled in sniping three opponents that had a 360 no scope. Defusing the bomb, knifing, and saving the team like a hero.

Regardless for those people who are not familiar with the game cs 1.6 or they need to have a quick refresher. Here are the basics of the gameplay. You need to pick counter-terrorists or terrorists in a 5v5. In that, both sides have already completed one of the two goals. Terrorist’s main goal is to plant and detonate the bomb in a certain bombsite. The Counter terrorist’s aim is to diffuse once the bomb has been planted. The team can win once they cut the whole opposite team. Each game has many rounds where both of the teams can take turns with every faction. At the start of the game, the players need to customize it with money. That is based on the success in the previous rounds. The game has been the world’s biggest esports that is loved.

The beginnings

Like other games, before it, the counter strike was made originally as a mod. League of Legends is also created as a spin-off to DotA Allstars. It is also a mod from Warcraft 3 and the counter strike was originally from Half-Life back in 1999. The gameplay and its mechanics need to define the whole genre but no one knows about it.

They need to customize specific maps and because of it, a counter strike was born. The developers Jess Cliffe and Minh Le made the map through the GoldSrc engine. They estimated which took them a half month of making the first beta to be completed. They continued on developing betas and created a website for the game. Eventually, more people started playing the game which drew much attention. In 2000 and also after the release of the beta. Valve the video game developer wanted to hire Cliffe and Le. Valve saw the potential and they wanted Cliffe and Le to finish their work.

Popularity rises

More people are starting to play the game and the community gets bigger and bigger. CS 1.6 was played around the world. Players did not see anything quite like it. The multiplayer already existed before but in Counter-Strike is something else. It is easier to have a match, playing with your friends without spending hours on the computer. If you have time you can play for a couple of minutes or days. This game is accessible to both casuals and hard-core gamers. The game is easier to learn but it’s hard to master.

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