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Drugs are the most addictive and dangerous health hazards. Once the person get used to it, then it is very difficult to stop once you get used to it. There are many ways to detox your body after taking drugs like marijuana. After taking Marijuana your body is flooded with THC. Under going drug test will never be a good option rather you should go to detox methods means undergoing detox methods would be the better choice. There are different kinds of THC detox or marijuana detoxs. You need worry about about detoxification, firstly see what type of drug test are there, and how they are performed. Different test have their own significance. Usually different companies perform different types but there are only six methods includes in this, and there are as follows for Best THC Detox Methods To Pass a Drug Test.

THC tests for confirmation

Urine test  Рit is e first method to find wheather your body is flooded with drugs or not. Let us see how significantly it works. Urine test is most commonly performed any where. Come on let us find out how long it stays in our body after taking drugs recently.

Few people take drugs occasionally, and they are called occasional users and for this kind of people the drug dose will remain for upto three days

Few are moderate users in these people the affect of drugs or marijuana remains for 6 to 7 days.

Next comes, daily users for this kinds of people the drug dosage will remain for ten to twelve days.

And, final one is heavy users and in these kind of people the drug affect remains for about anywhere between upto forty five days.

Oral saliva test- it is the secondly most commonly used drug test in companies. And, for occasional users the drug remains in your saliva for one to three days. And, for heavy users it would remain nearly for one to twenty nine days.

how to pass a drug test for thc

Blood – this is another test in which drugs in the bloodstream can be easily detected. When you inhale marijuana then the blood in your body easily absorbs and can be easily detected in the blood stream because once you inhale marijuana then you can find out till 75 days after inhalation. In moderate drug inhalation people the dosage of THC metabolism can be found out till one to two days, but in heavily inhalation people till 70 to 80 days we can find in them.

Sweat- it is another way to find out the amount of drugs takken into your body can be easily detected. If a person taking once or twice in two weeks then it can be detected for till one week for moderate users it is up to four to five weeks.

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