Elements Of Hdb 4 Room Resale Renovation

Elements Of Hdb 4 Room Resale Renovation

Interior design, the tear deals with the process of decorating, furnishing, organising and designing a space. Interior design has evolved over the past ten years. The recent population have made interior designing more popular as it is necessary for a space to be comfortable and classy. How brick, sand, stone are important for any building for construction, a building also requires interior decoration. This designing involves the degree of science. The key feature of hdb 4 room resale renovation are space, line, forms, light, colour, texture, and pattern. Balancing these features can create an artistic interior of a space. At least these 7 elements have to be considered while designing. Let’s take a look over the elements that are involved in this process.

hdb 4 room resale renovation

  1. Space: First and foremost, space is a core element. It is a physical boundary; the designer has to think about the availability of space before designing and has to think within the space.
  2. Line: Horizontal and vertical lines helps to shape the space. It guides the eye. Lines form the structural design to a room. Horizontal lines make the room to look wider and longer and vertical lines emphasis on features like windows and doorways.so it is essential for a designer to incorporate the lines effectively.
  3. Forms: 3-Dimensional view of space can be regarded as forms. It’s a geometrical representation of an object within the room. The implementation of lines, curves and edges leads to desired forms.
  4. Light: Ventilation for a room is very prior component. It can be natural or man-made light. The space can take its form depending on lighting. Lighting ads ambience to a room so that the other elements incorporated in a room will get to shine. Light plays a crucial role.
  5. Colour: Colour add vividness to a room. This is an extremely important which can change whole imagination of a designer. Colour can provoke emotions and it plays with human psychology.
  6. Texture: It refers to the appearance of a surface, it can be tactile surface, from furniture to accessories to fabric, texture has the ability to create visual treat to the eye.
  7. Pattern: It adds style or ornaments the room. Pattern is usually paired up with texture.it can be geometrical shapes, animal prints, organics and motif.

When all the above key elements work together in harmony then one can bring a flawless, elegant design to a space.

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