The best places on Hawaii Island to buy a property

homes for sale big island Hawaii

The best places on Hawaii Island to buy a property vary depending on what you are looking for in a property. Hawaii Island is a fantastic place to live. There are many types of scenery, from the lush rainforest of Waikamoi Valley to the rugged coastline. The best places to find homes for sale big island Hawaii are Kahoolawe and Mauna Loa. Both areas have a lot of privacy, and because they’re located on the edge of the island, there are few suburbs or developments nearby.

  1. Coast:If you are looking for a beachfront property, the North and East coasts of the island are the best places to look. The North Shore is generally a little more expensive, but on the East Coast, you can get a lot of ocean views for your money. The island’s West side is typically more affordable than the other areas, but it still has some good places to buy property.
  1. Rural: If you are looking for a rural property with room to roam, the Hilo and Puna districts on the East side of the island are your best bet. The Hilo district is perfect for those who love the outdoors and are looking for a property with more room to spread out. Puna has some excellent properties that are close to one another, but they also have plenty of space outside their walls.

  1. Mountain:If you are looking for a serene and pastoral setting, the Hamakua Coast or Waimea on the island’s Northside are good choices. The Hamakua Coast is the calmest area of the aisle, and you can find some excellent properties there. The Waimea area has a lot of small farms, but it has a massive community with a lot of people that are willing to help.
  1. Price:Of course, the cost is always a deciding factor when purchasing property, and Hawaii Island offers a wide variety of properties, from the most expensive to the least. The Hamakua Coast area is an excellent choice if you want a quiet, serene place. There are plenty of good options in this area that are priced well below the average.


Hawaii Island is the largest of the eight main islands that make up the state of Hawaii. It’s also one of the most diverse, with everything from snow-capped mountains and black sand beaches to rain forests and active volcanoes. If you’re looking for homes for sale big island Hawaii, these are some of the best places. Waimea and Honokaa are two good options if you’re looking for a more rural setting. Both towns are located in North Kohala and offer stunning mountain views and ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

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