The benefits of e-commerce

The benefits of e-commerce

Here are some of the things to consider when you are unsure about whether to open an online store like Jung tech.

Your each more customers

One of the greatest advantages of ecommerce is the potential to reach thousands of new customers every day. Stationary shops and restaurants are limited to people who live, work, or are passing through nearby. However, when you open an online store, new doors open for you. Basically anyone in the world could be your customer if you can promote your shop online and people will be interested in your products, provided you are ready to ship to them.

They are literally always open

The ability for customers to place orders 24 hours a day is invaluable. A prospect can rollover in bed at 4a.m., think of something they want to buy, find it on your website, and make the purchase right away. And as a small business owner, you don’t have to find the resources to keep your business open 24/7.

The costs are lower for both sides

From a supply perspective, ecommerce stores can stay open without paying staff to run the check outs and manage the store. From a demand perspective, customers do not have to pay travel expenses or leave home to make a purchase.

The disadvantages of e-commerce

So far, opening your own online shop or adding an online shop to your catering business doesn’t sound too bad at all. But just as it is important to research the advantages of online stores, it is also important to weigh the disadvantages.

Customers raise security and privacy concerns

Some consumers are still suspicious of providing personal information, particularly payment details, to online sources. The fact is, as the e-commerce sector has grown, so have the frauds. Therefore, online shops must have secure systems, encrypted payment software and other protective measures against online fraud. We are not saying that you will not receive orders simply because of security concerns. But it’s something to keep inmind.

Lack of face-to-face customer interaction

Especially in are as like fashion retail, nothing can replace the personal customer experience that you normally get in brick and mortar stores. There is a lot of emphasis on interacting with customers face to face, even as technology continues to transform commerce.

Talking to a sales person about your needs and preferences is of ten much more helpful than finding and comparing products on your own. Of all the advantages and disadvantages of online trading, the greatest loss is the loss of the ability to look the customer in the eye and understand the value of the goods.

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