Natural Supplements To Relief Anxiety

natural anxiety supplements

Anxiety is a problem that affects many people. Recent research has shown that natural supplements can help relieve anxiety. Some of these are vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These have been clinically shown to be safe and effective in relieving anxiety or reducing its symptoms.


In the post below, I’ll discuss which natural anxiety supplements work best for what type of anxiety disorder and at what dosage they should be taken to ensure the most successful treatment. Natural supplements should always be taken after consulting with your doctor.


The first supplement that I would like to discuss is magnesium. Magnesium has been proven to be effective in treating anxiety disorders. It is safe and available over the counter at most health stores. Magnesium tends to help people with stress, panic attacks, and sleep disorders. The typical dosage for adults suffering from an anxiety disorder is approximately 400mg per day of elemental magnesium taken in 3 evenly divided doses throughout the day. Magnesium can also relax a nervous stomach or relieve muscle spasms and cramps (due to exercise or anxiety).


Another supplement known to be effective in relieving anxiety is 5-HTP. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain and is low in people who suffer from depression. It is believed that the lack of serotonin causes depression, and this can lead to avoidable anxiety. This supplement helps raise serotonin levels so it can fight symptoms of depression and reduce stress. The typical dosage for adults with this disorder is between 50-100mg daily, taken at night before bedtime with an equal amount of L-tryptophane. Some people have reported feeling nauseated after taking 5-HTP, which makes it best to take it with food and plenty of water, if possible.


natural anxiety medication

Natural supplements are also effective in treating panic disorders and social anxiety as well. Magnesium effectively treats adrenal fatigue, which is often associated with an overactive stress response and can cause anxiety symptoms. Taking 200mg daily of magnesium with equal amounts of B6 has been shown to help people suffering from adrenal fatigue. Zinc is thought to help support one’s immune system and may reduce the severity of symptoms associated with panic attacks. Some people suffering from this disorder may need to take 150mg daily after consulting with a professional.


Natural supplements, minerals, and vitamins can help relieve anxiety disorders and improve overall health at the same time. It is always best to consult a doctor before taking them. Magnesium is a safe and effective supplement that people recommend to anyone suffering from anxiety.


In conclusion, recommending natural supplements to relieve anxiety is far better than prescribing anti-anxiety medication. Drugs can have serious side effects and are themselves potentially addictive. Natural supplements, herbs, and vitamins have no side effects, no risks of addiction, and help combat the symptoms of anxiety while at the same time improving overall health.

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